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Preparing your centre

There are many different sources available to you to make the process easier for you.For example, there are many documents available to assist you with preparing your centre as well as the Quality Management Guide and the Welcome Guide.

Also, JACIE runs training courses throughout the year (see Events).

There is also the possibility to request a visit to your centre by JACIE staff to help you and your colleagues in your preparations. Please contact the JACIE Office for more information.

Top tips
  • Review the Word version of the Application form to familiarize yourself with what information is required to successfully complete the application. A copy can be downloaded in the Document Centre.
  • Browse the Document Centre
  • Access the JACIE Events page and check for upcoming courses and events
  • Determine the National Representative for your country. Your National Representative will be able to assist you with any specific national issues.
  • Determine if there are any JACIE inspectors in your country as they may be willing to assist you with a mock inspection. If you do approach an inspector and they conduct a mock inspection you must inform the JACIE Office. This inspector will not be considered for participation in the actual inspection.
  • Download and review the Inspection Guide (see Document Centre)
  • Review the Quality Management Guide
  • Review the Accreditation fees and Terms and Conditions. After your application has been accepted, the JACIE office will issue the appropriate invoice
  • Using the pre-inspection documentation list (see Document Centre) begin to prepare and locate the documents that you will submit prior to the onsite inspection. Use the preformatted set of folders to organise the files into an easily recognisable format. The 'Pre-audit documentation' is available from the Document Centre.
  • Do an audit against the standards using the Inspection Checklist (see Document Centre) to determine which areas require attention
  • Begin to think of dates that would be suitable for the onsite inspection. Discuss this with your team members as meetings or annual leave may be planned.
  • Work to a realistic timeline, keep your team members updated on the progress of your application.
  • Have a room booked for the inspectors to work from.
  • Prepare your patient notes for the onsite inspection. We encourage you to identify the data points in advance for easy reference during the inspection.
  • Have paper copies of your pre-inspection documentation available on the day of inspection.
  • Remember that you are not alone! The JACIE Office is available to assist you and to help you achieve accreditation.