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Renewal application

The process to apply for reaccreditation is identical in practically all respects to first-time applications. The process requires:
  • submission of a request (application form), and its assessment and approval
  • signing the Accreditation Agreement with the EBMT
  • submission of the completed Inspection Checklist and pre-inspection documentation
  • on-site inspection
  • reporting and corrective actions (where these are indicated)
  • accreditation
You apply for reaccreditation by submitting the application form. The form gives JACIE the necessary information to assess if your centre is eligible for reaccreditation and to understand the structure of your centre or programme and relationships with other institutions.

Please complete the Word form available in the Document Centre and send it to

We encourage you to submit your reaccreditation application well in advance of the expiry of your current accreditation. This will help avoid any gap between accreditations. However, JACIE does not penalise centres for allowing their accreditation to lapse because JACIE remains a voluntary programme. Where there are external requirements to be JACIE accredited, the centre should assess for themselves the impact of any lapse between accreditations.