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Translation of centre's documents

Documents should be in the language of the centre since JACIE would expect to assign inspectors that speak and understand the language. However, there may be exceptions to this:
  • Centre is located in a country where no inspectors are available; OR
  • JACIE may not have inspectors anywhere that speak the centre’s language; OR
  • The transplant community in a given country has requested that only external inspectors be assigned to avoid conflicts of interest
In these cases we must resort to other inspectors to perform the inspection. For these inspectors, one of the key parts of their preparation is reading documents made available in advance. Without this it is very difficult for them to arrive on-site adequately prepared and this would clearly affect the quality of the inspection.

In such cases, JACIE will ask the centre to translate a selection of the documents provided to the inspectors in advance of the inspection and will request the centre to provide local experts to facilitate interviews and understanding of documentation.
Please contact the Accreditations Coordinator at if you have any doubts about this aspect.