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Inspection Report Assessors

The Inspection Report Assessors tasks are to check the Inspection Reports, clarify any issues with the inspectors and to present the reports to the Accreditation Committee. 
The Assessors also contribute to training courses and discussion on the interpretation of standards.

Carole Charley

Carole Charley (United Kingdom)
25 years clinical nursing experience in 4 hospitals
JACIE Lead in two accredited hospitals

Ivana Ferrero

Ivana Ferrero (Italy)
QM and Biologist, GMP Laboratory
JACIE Inspector
Works in an accredited centre

Louise McNamara
Louise McNamara (United Kingdom)
Haemato-Oncology Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Over 10 years experience in Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, including nurse lead in an accredited centre
Prior JACIE collection facility inspector
Clinical Advisor to the Care Quality Commission (UK)