JACIE Accreditation fee structure
Approved by the JACIE Board on 10 October 2008. Effective from 21 January 2009. Amended 7 April 2013.

NOTE: On 1 January 2015, new fees will become effective. More details here.

For applications including clinical units that are EBMT member centres

(see end of page for fees for non-EBMT members)

Registration Fee (non-refundable):
  • Application for first-time accreditation €1,500
  • Application for reaccreditation €0
Interim Audit Fee (not optional): €1,000
Costs of interim audit at the end of year 2 of accreditation

Inspection Fees:
Fees are charged on the basis of the areas to be inspected:
  • one (1) adult OR one (1) paediatric clinical site/unit €2,000
  • one (1) collection site for marrow €0 *
  • one (1) for peripheral blood progenitor cells €2,000
  • one (1) cell-processing laboratory €2,000
Note: any additional sites will be charged a supplementary fee per site (see below)

* Applications for accreditation of bone marrow collection will incur no charge when they form part of a simultaneous application for clinical accreditation. Where an application is received for bone marrow collection with no associated clinical inspection, or with an apheresis and/or processing unit, then a separate fee equivalent will be charged. 

Supplementary Fee
A supplementary fee is applied where an application for accreditation of clinical transplantation includes both adult AND paediatric patients, whether or not both patient types are physically cared for together or separately. This fee is to cover assigning an additional inspector and reporting costs.

Fee: €1,000 per site


A supplementary fee per site is applied where an application includes:
  • more than one (1) adult inpatient clinical site
  • more than one (1) paediatric inpatient clinical site
  • more than one (1) peripheral blood collection site
  • more than one (1) bone marrow collection site
  • more than one (1) cell processing laboratory  

For applications including clinical units that are not EBMT member centres

Where a clinical unit is not a member of the EBMT, the above fees will be double e.g. instead of €8500, a fee of €17,000 will apply.
For information on EBMT membership, please go to www.ebmt.org