For patients

What does JACIE accreditation mean for patients?
JACIE accreditation offers patients reassurance that a transplant unit is working in line with international standards and has undergone a rigourous inspection process. JACIE establishes minimum requirements for facilities, education and training, quality management, donor and patient management and care and good cell collection and laboratory practice.

Endorsed by the experts
JACIE is a joint initiative of the European Group for Blood & Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) and the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT), the two leading scientific organisations in the area of cellular therapy. Both associations are not-for-profit entities.

International standards
JACIE Accreditation is based on the FACT-JACIE International Standards that are prepared by leading experts from North America, Europe and other regions. The Standards can be accessed here.

National regulations
JACIE accreditation has been incorporated into national regulations in several European countries and is included in a number of national guidelines for bone marrow transplantation.
In 2004, JACIE received support from the European Union (EU). An independent review of the EU-funded projects from that period highlighted the success of JACIE and its importance. See more at About JACIE.

JACIE has received applications from centres and facilities in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia and has performed more that 300 inspections since 2000. JACIE inspectors are all experts in the BMT field.

Accredited centres are listed here.

For North American patients, there is more information on the FACT web site.