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Why become an inspector?

JACIE inspectors are volunteers who are assigned as inspectors based on the criteria outlined here. Inspectors receive only their expenses and give up their time freely. The JACIE inspection process should be considered as being similar to the peer-review process in learned journals.
  • The inspection is an excellent way of learning about JACIE for your own centre
  • Visit other centres and see how other professionals work and organise themselves
  • See other ways of solving problems
  • Meet and collaborate with other colleagues
  • Contribute to promote and implement quality in the transplant community

Without inspectors, there is no accreditation process. We are short of inspectors in some areas such as paediatrics and cell collection although this depends on the country and/or language. This shortage can mean that some centres must wait longer than normal to receive the on-site visit because of the difficulty in assembling in inspection team.

We are also keen to recruit inspectors from countries in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Inspections are hard work but they are usually performed in a collegial and positive atmosphere. Inspectors learn as much from the process as the centres and in a unique manner.

You are asked to commit to participating in 2 inspections per annum although this could be more if your availability permits. In any case, inspections are scheduled according to inspectors' availability so participation is never imposed.

Inspectors could be asked to participate in inspections in other countries where they speak the local language.

Experts that are close to or have recently retired are welcome to apply to be inspectors. JACIE accepts experts for up to five (5) years from when they cease day-to-day activity in their field.

If you want to find out more or ask questions, read on or contact us at or telephone +34 93 453 8570

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