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Prof. Christian Chabannon

posted 10 Apr 2014 05:11 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 10 Apr 2014 05:20 ]

The 2014 EBMT Meeting in Milan was Prof. Chabannon's last EBMT Congress as a member of the JACIE Committee when he stepped down after many years of leadership and active participation. At the meeting with the National Representatives on 29 March 2014, Dr. Alessandro Rambaldi, Chair of the JACIE Committee, presented him with a gift of hiking poles (Prof. Chabannon is a frequent visitor to the Alpes and other mountains) and expressed the thanks of everyone involved with JACIE down the years.

Prof. Chabannon joined the then JACIE Executive Committee as Vice President in September 2008. He succeeded Prof. Jane Apperley as President in 2010 until 2012 and stayed on as Past-President during the transition of JACIE to becomming a full EBMT Committee.

Prof. Chabannon brought his sharp and pragmatic analysis to JACIE and was an invaluable source of expertise, particularly regarding advanced therapies involving stem cells. He was also an able voice for the cell processing community in terms of the Standards and the accreditation process. Durng his involvement with JACIE, two editions of the FACT-JACIE Standards were issued and JACIE also expanded greatly both in Europe and beyond. Aside from his regular participation in inspections, he also took part in the first inspection outside of the European Union when he was on the team that visited the King Fasial Hospital in Riyadh. He also contributed to the important papers by Prof. Alois Gratwohl showing a relationship between quality management and improved outcome.

Prof. Chabannon remains an active member of the EBMT and is the chair of the EBMT Cell Processing Committee. He also remains as the Co-Chair of the Processing Standards Sub-Committee for the 6th edition.

Quality managers - free EBMT membership

posted 3 Apr 2014 03:49 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 3 Apr 2014 03:49 ]

Since 2013, EBMT membership of centres includes quality managers at no additional cost.
See here for more information.

Inspector Training, Oporto, Portugal, 19-20 June 2014

posted 17 Mar 2014 07:25 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 26 Mar 2014 03:27 ]

The JACIE Inspector Training Course will take place on 19-20 June 2014 in Oporto, Portugal.
This course is designed to train JACIE inspectors. Anyone working in the transplant setting who is interested in JACIE but is not interested or is not qualified to become an inspector can also attend. Note that priority will be given to inspector candidates.  more>>>

Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto Francisco Gentil EPE

Croatian JACIE Day, 23 May 2014

posted 10 Mar 2014 09:47 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 10 Apr 2014 01:09 ]

An introduction to JACIE accreditation and the FACT-JACIE Standards will take place in Zagreb, Croatia on 23 May 2014. The programme will cover the accreditation process, the FACT-JACIE standards, basic elements of quality management and the experience of other centres.

Kliničko bolnički centar Zagreb

Venue:Nastavni centar Istok,Klinički bolnički centar Zagreb,Kišpatićeva 12, Zagreb, Croatia

There is no fee to attend the event which will include coffee breaks and lunch. Participants must cover their own travel and accomodation costs.
If you are interested in attending, please write to Ms. Mirjana Biskup Please note that places are limited to 40 and that priority will be given to Croatian attendees.

See the programme here.

Klinički bolnički centar Zagreb

New study published on impact of quality improvement on HSCT

posted 4 Feb 2014 02:02 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 4 Feb 2014 02:03 ]

A new study led by Prof. Alois Gratwohl has been published in Haematologica. The pape
r entiled Use of the quality management system 'JACIE' and outcome after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation was published ahead of print on January 31, 2014.

The study concludes that working towards implementation of a quality management system triggers a dynamic process associated with a steeper reduction in mortality over the years and a significantly improved survival after allogeneic stem cell transplantation.

Access the paper here (open access).

ISCT 2014 Paris - FACT/JACIE Day 23 April 2014

posted 24 Jan 2014 03:38 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 26 Mar 2014 03:28 ]

Registration now open

On Wednesday 23 April 2014, JACIE and FACT will combine to offer a series of informative talks around the FACT-JACIE Standards and their respective accreditation processes. This will also be a great opportunity to meet JACIE representatives and ask questions and clarify doubts.

More information on the JACIE content will be posted here shortly but time will be dedicated to the draft of the incoming 6th edition of the FACT-JACIE Standards, experiences from centres in Germany and Singapore and an overview of the current situation of JACIE and the accreditation process.

Information on the FACT-NetCord standards for cord blood banks will also be covered during the day. More information on the FACT-specific content can be accessed on the FACT web site.

Information on the ISCT 2014 meeting can be found at

Palais des congrès de Paris

Curso de formación de auditors, Málaga 12-13 marzo 2014 - últimas plazas

posted 13 Jan 2014 01:43 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 11 Feb 2014 03:30 ]

Criteria for participants

In order to be admitted to the course, participants must meet the criteria to be an inspector described at
If you have any doubts or questions about the criteria, please contact the JACIE Office at

Note: JACIE reserves the right of admission to the course. You may not be admitted to the course if you do not satisfy JACIE that your training and experience is sufficient. JACIE may request advice from national contacts when deciding whether to admit a candidate to the course.

Documentation required from participants
Following registration, the JACIE Office will contact you to ask for the following documents:
- Concise copy of your CV, in English if possible
- Evidence of qualifications e.g. medical degree, registration as specialist
- Inspector registration form

The course is free and includes catering and materials. Travel and other costs are the responsibility of the attendees although there may be support available via the GETH. Please enquire be writing to


Further details will be made available to all course participants.

To register for the course, go to

Hotel Monte Málaga, Paseo Marítimo Antonio Machado, 10, CP 29002, Málaga, Spain.

Hotel Monte Málaga

AHCTA survey on Processing Personnel qualifications, training and competency

posted 7 Jan 2014 01:27 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 7 Jan 2014 01:29 ]

The Alliance for Harmonisation of Cellular Therapy Accreditation (AHCTA) requests processing facilities to complete a survey to assist with developing recommendations for cell processing laboratory staff qualifications, training and competency. Please limit your responses to just those staff responsible for the processing of minimally manipulated products like hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPC) for stem cell transplantation and therapeutic cells (TC)- T cells.

Only a single response from each processing facility is required.

Deadline is 31 January 2014

Access the survey here.

Survey following RPMI shortage and controversy of risks associated with HES

posted 18 Dec 2013 01:53 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 22 Jan 2014 07:31 ]

Survey closed

The EBMT through JACIE and the Cell Processing Committee has received information from a number of sources about a shortage of and/or conditions of use for ancillary materials used for cell processing (see examples below).
The FACT-JACIE standards provide rules and guidance for the validation and use of ancillary material, and so we wish to know more about the experience of European cell processing facilities and academic Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) manufacturers.

We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to report on your experience since January 1st, 2010. Answering the questionnaire should take no more than 15 minutes.

Note that if you experienced a shortage of more than one material since 2010, you should complete a survey for each one.

The closing date was Wednesday 21 January 2013.

EBMT 2014 Competition! - deadline extended

posted 16 Dec 2013 07:00 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 24 Jan 2014 00:56 ]

Describe the impact of JACIE on your unit and enter a competition to win a day-pass worth €250 for EBMT 2014

We all hear anecdotes about what changed as a result of implementing the FACT-JACIE Standards. Some centres changed their process for ordering blood which led to reduced costs and waste. Others improved their patient records system. Others were able to improve their apheresis facilities by using the inspection to present a plan for changes to their hospital administration.

We think that it is important to share these experiences and so invite you to describe the impact on your centre.

Tell us about your experience of implementing the Standards and the path to accreditation in terms of how this process impacted on the day-to-day work of you and your colleagues and on patients and donors.
Impact could include aspects related to financial and other resources, the patient or donor experience, interaction with other teams and services, resolution of problems and adverse events. It could be about how you streamlined a process or used audits to identify duplication or unnecessary delays. Perhaps training changed.
The impact could be from any stage in the process, not just after accreditation.

Format: Explain the following:
  • how the need to change was identified
  • how change was planned and implemented
  • what the results were including the 'Before' and 'After' situations
  • 200-400 words
Entries should be emailed in a PDF file to Eoin McGrath at

Terms and conditions

  • By entering this competition you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions
  • Entries must be in English
  • Entries must be sent as a PDF file to impede any changes being made post-submission.
  • The competition is open to any centre that is working with the Standards i.e. not only accredited centres. This includes centres that have not formally applied for accreditation to JACIE.
  • Dates- The closing date is extended to Monday 27 January 2014. Entries will be accepted until 17:00 CET on that date. The winning entrant and runner up will be notified by email in the week beginning 10 February 2014. The names of the winning entrant and runners-up will be announced on the JACIE web site and in JACIE’s other channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, JACIE & EBMT newsletters)
  • Prizes- The following prizes:
    • 1 day-pass to attend the Quality Management Meeting at the EBMT Congress in Milan on Tuesday 1 April 2014.
    • €100 towards registration fee for 1-day pass
    • €50 towards registration fee for 1-day pass
    • No cash-alternative is offered
  • Copyright / Ownership- JACIE can use all submitted entries for educational and promotional use including those from non-winners.
  • JACIE will not be responsible for delayed, undelivered or lost entries.
  • Events - Events may occur which render the awarding of the prizes impossible due to reasons beyond the control of JACIE and JACIE may, at its absolute discretion, vary, amend, suspend or withdraw the prizes with or without notice.
  • Judges- The competition will be judged by JACIE Staff and members of the JACIE Committees

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