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JACIE Medical Director - changes

Derwood Pamphilon
Dr. Derwood Pamphilon (Bristol, UK) stepped down as JACIE Medical Director on 1 April 2012. Derwood was involved with JACIE for over 10 years in various capacities including inspector, Chair of the Accreditation Committee, Medical Director, Co-Chair of the FACT-JACIE Standards Committee, and not least of all, helping his own centre NHSBT Bristol, UK to accreditation on two occasions. Apart from his considerable experience and knowledge, Derwood also brought his sense of humour, flexibility and good nature to JACIE helping to aleviate some of the long technical discussions by the Standards or Accreditation Committees. He will be sorely missed on all levels but we wish him the very best in his life post-JACIE.

His successor is Dr. John Snowden (Sheffield, UK). John has been involved with JACIE since 2004, training first as an inspector
John Snowden
and subsequently joining the JACIE Accreditation Committee and being an inspection lead both in the UK and internationally. He has been the Clinical Standards Committee Co-Chair and Steering Group  Member for the 4th and 5th editions of the FACT-JACIE  Standards and Guidelines. He also has a longstanding commitment to the EBMT in other respects, including Working Party and Data Registry Definitions Committee involvement.
We are looking forward to working with John in his new role and to being able to tap into his extensive experience.