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Changes in the JACIE Accreditation Process for 2016

posted 30 Nov 2015, 03:41 by Iris Bargallo   [ updated 17 Oct 2016, 03:33 by Eoin McGrath ]

JACIE has reviewed the current Accreditation process with the objective to improve and optimize the process for all parts involved. Our goal is to make the process shorter for centres that are already well prepared for the accreditation and to identify the centres that need more time and support from the JACIE Office to prepare their application sufficiently in advance of any eventual inspection.

Therefore the following changes will be introduced with effect from 1 January 2016: 

  • Applicant centres will be required to formally accept a quotation for the fees. This will make clear the scope of the accreditation and related costs at the earliest possible point in the process in order to avoid misunderstandings and time-consuming corrections at a later date.
  • Applicants must sign an agreement with the EBMT (JACIE’s parent organisation) once the application for Accreditation is approved. This document outlines the responsibilities both of JACIE and of the centre. 
  • Applicant centres will be required to submit the Pre-audit documentation within 30 days from receipt of the service agreement signed by the centre’s representative. Where an applicant delays more than 30 days in submitting the pre-audit documentation, the accreditation process of the centre will be considered expired and the centre must restart the process

You will find the process in detail in the applicant's flowchart and in the JACIE Inspection guide, both documents can be downloaded from the Document Centre in this website.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the JACIE Office.