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Online system for accreditations

posted 18 May 2012, 07:07 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 9 Jul 2015, 01:17 ]
We are currently making preparations to implement an online system for managing accreditations with a particular focus on the inspection phase. The solution is called Teambox and is off-the-shelf i.e. it has not been designed specifically for JACIE. Its original design was for project management and collaboration but it has many elements which we see as very useful for JACIE. You can find more information at

The tool is basically an online version of all of the steps involved from when a centre applies to the end of their accreditation
  • Pre-Inspection
  • Inspection
  • Inspection Report
  • Corrections
  • Post-accreditation Annual Reports
  • Interim Audit
One of the main tools consists of TASKS that can be assigned to individual users with due dates and automatic reminders. The users will see all steps (tasks) laid out clearly like 'shopping' or to-do lists.
Teambox also allows for FILE SHARING so that the centre can upload all of their files online which can then be accessed by the inspectors or report assessors.
Another useful aspect is that all COMMUNICATION is centralised in Teambox so that when you want to find information, you do not have to look through lots of different emails and attachments. In addition, users can respond to comments or tasks from their EMAIL and their response will be documented in Teambox.

Much of the interface shares elements commonly used in web sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
What does it to?
In effect it will centralise all steps, documents and correspondence in one place. It tracks tasks making it clear who is responsible and when something is due to be completed.
Conversations facilitate discussion and exchange of information.
It interacts with your email so that you can keep up-to-date without the need to access the web site.

What does it not do?

The system does not substitute the Application Form, the Inspection Checklist and the Reports. These will still be managed in Word and Excel as individual files.

What's happening now?
In the coming weeks we are going to use 4 centres to pilot the system with the centres, inspectors and report assessors. After the pilot we will collect impressions, identify problems or areas to be clarified and prepare a manual and other instructional material.

When will it be launched?
We expect new applications to be run on the new system from mid-June 2012. Applications should still be sent as before with the form and completed inspection checklist. Once an application is approved, it is then moved onto Teambox and access is given to the users (centre, inspectors etc.)

Is it secure?
Yes, the system uses user login and passwords to restrict access and data and files are stored using 256-bit SSL encryption. and in accordance with strict international data privacy, logging and data back-up policies (trusted Amazon EC2 cloud security – ISO 27001, SAS-70, FIPs, FISMA & PCI certified).

Do I have to install anything on my computer?
No. Teambox is ‘in the cloud’ so you just need a computer connected to the internet to use the system. There is also a mobile version for iPhone and iPad but we haven’t evaluated these applications yet.