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Quality management inspectors - Call for candidates

posted 22 Oct 2015, 07:28 by Eoin McGrath   [ updated 17 Oct 2016, 04:06 ]
The FACT-JACIE Standards and accreditation programmes have successfully introduced concepts of quality management that has had significant impact on how transplant programmes organise themselves and interact with other services. The Gratwohl et al* studies (see below) showed the impact of this change on transplantation and outcome.

In support of these findings and to reinforce the importance of quality management, JACIE plans to introduce inspectors specifically to focus on the quality management standards in mid-2016 alongside the existing inspector profiles. These inspectors will be responsible for assessing compliance with the standards for quality management and policies and procedures across all services in transplant programmes.

  1. To distribute the inspection process across additional expert inspectors
  2. To achieve a more global view of quality management across the transplant programme (the so-called "helicopter view") rather than as individual sites or units ("silos")
  3. Reflect the role and expertise of quality managers
In order to be able to implement this important initiative, JACIE has opened a call for candidates to put themselves forward as Inspectors subject to the criteria described below.


Candidates must meet the following requirements:
  • 3 years experience as Quality Manager in an accredited centre or in preparing a centre for accreditation
  • Letter from the Programme Director confirming this experience
  • Evidence  (documented) of continuous education and training in quality management. This can include internal and external training.
In addition, as for all JACIE Inspectors, candidates must complete training and a Standards-based exam.


In recent years, JACIE Training Courses have been open not just to inspectors candidates but to anyone with the need to understand the accreditation process. This has seen many transplant quality leads or coordinators attend and learn about the standards and accreditation process. Anyone who has participated in these more recent courses (since 2013) and who meets the criteria set out above will be considered to have received the appropriate training. 
JACIE reserves the right to select and exclude candidates.

In addition, JACIE recognises that it may not be feasible to train sufficient inspectors in in-person courses in the short-term. For that reason, an online training course will be developed to cater for those candidates who meet the criteria above. More details will be announced in November 2015 regarding the online content. 

Courses held in 2016 will cater for this new inspector profile. Places on courses may be limited and JACIE reserves the right not to accept candidates for courses.

How to apply

Candidates should complete the Registration Form online at the following link:

On receipt of the application, the JACIE Office will contact the candidates to request the documentation indicated above. 
Candidates who meet the criteria will be divided into two groups:
  • Group 1: candidates who have attended JACIE course
  • Group 2: candidates who have not attended JACIE course and who will need to participate
Group 1 will be registered as inspectors straight away and opportunities for them to participate in inspections will be sought in 2016. 
Group 2 will be directed to the online training that will be in place in November 2016. Successful completion will result in their registration as inspectors.

This initiative requires significant support in order to succeed in terms of having sufficient inspectors to cover future demand. We look forward to your participation in this very important project. 

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