Phasing out of Teambox service

During it’s almost 12 months of use, we continuously evaluated Teambox based on our own experience and feedback from centres and inspectors. Sadly, while many users found the tool to be useful, a small majority found that it did not make their tasks any easier and in some cases made them harder. Problems included difficulties with access from behind hospital firewalls, concerns regarding compliance with EU data protection (files stored in ‘cloud’ outside EU) and laborious document upload/download due to the number of files that centres must submit in advance of inspections. Added to these were difficulties encountered by what are occasional users in finding their way around the tool as they tried to familiarise themselves with it.

During 2013, we had discussions with Teambox over these issues and we were hopeful that they could be resolved at least in the medium-term. However, in the end they were not able to give us what we needed and we decided that we had to make a change.

We considered maintaining Teambox for some users but then realised that this would be very difficult to manage with some “in” and others “out”. We also considered do a clean break and ending all users’ access immediately but saw that the tool is working for many centres and inspectors and that it would still be useful to support those inspections that are already scheduled over the coming 4-6 months.

So finally, we have taken the decision to phase out Teambox over the coming 6 months. Teambox allows all projects to be archived so correspondence and files will not be lost as a result of this decision. This will affect users depending on where they are in the accreditation process as follows:
Users to be retainedUsers to be removed
  • that have a scheduled inspection date
  • already assigned to an inspection(s) in Teambox
  • that do not have an inspection date scheduled
  • have completed their inspections
  • that have completed an inspection(s)

For retained users, Teambox will continue to be the main channel for communications until the inspections are completed except for those users who report difficulties accessing the tool.
For removed users, communication and exchange of documents and files will be mainly by email with support by other channels for exchanging documents and files.
In all cases, Iris Bargalló remains the key contact for all accreditation processes and she can be reached at or by telephone +34 93 453 8570.

We appreciate that we cannot expect inspectors and centres to use Teambox when for a significant number of you it proves more of a obstacle than a help. However, we are still convinced that Teambox is a very useful tool and will continue to use it internally. We understand that some of the current shortcomings may be addressed in future releases and we will also evaluate other tools that offer the potential to make the process easier for centres and inspectors.

Finally, thank you to all the users for their feedback, positive and negative, and for their invaluable support.

Eoin McGrath
JACIE Operations Manager

Log in to Teambox (The Accreditations Coordinator will provide centres with login and password AFTER approval of new applications (centres) and inspectors AFTER their assignment to an inspection)

Important Notice: hospital IT restrictions on accessing cloud-based web site.
Teambox is a 'cloud'-based application. This means that you can only connect via the internet from a PC or mobile phone. We are aware that in some hospitals the IT security system will not permit users to access such applications. If you are subject to such restrictions, please notify the Accreditation Office at We will try alternative solutions to make sure that you can receive and/or send files and documents related to inspections.
In any case, even if you cannot login to Teambox, in your email, you will still receive any notifications generated by the other users and can respond from your email so that the centre and inspectors receive your comments.
See the short instructional videos below.

If you need help, please email or telephone +34 93 453 8570 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri

More information & guides


Below are short videos explaining the main functions of Teambox.

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  • Organisation & Project overview - Centres & Inspections
  • How to manage tasks in Teambox
  • How to manage tasks from my email account
  • How to upload and access to files

These videos are hosted on the JACIE YouTube channel. You can also access the same videos on the Vimeo JACIE Channel .

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How to configure your Teambox account

Organisation and Project overview

How to manage tasks in Teambox

How to manage tasks from my email account

How to upload and access to files

Teambox promotional video

If you need help, please email or telephone +34 93 453 8570 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri