• JACIE @ EBMT2015, Istanbul See all of the JACIE-related information in the March 2015 Newsletter.
    Posted 16 Mar 2015, 04:00 by Eoin McGrath
  • 6th edition of FACT-JACIE Standards released The 6th edition of the FACT-JACIE International Standards for Cellular Therapy Product Collection, Processing, and Administration  are now available effective. See here for more information.
    Posted 5 Mar 2015, 09:19 by Eoin McGrath
  • New fees effective 1 January 2015 As announced in July this year, the new fee structure will be applied for all applications received from 1 January 2015. More details here.
    Posted 31 Dec 2014, 03:40 by Eoin McGrath
  • UK JACIE Inspector Training Course, July 2015 The JACIE Inspector Training Course will take place on 2-3 July 2015 in Manchester, UK.This course is designed to train JACIE inspectors. Anyone working in the transplant setting ...
    Posted 3 Dec 2014, 04:26 by Eoin McGrath
  • Publication: "The impact of improved JACIE standards on the care of related BM and PBSC donors." Advance online publication 10 November 2014Abstract: Discrepancies exist between the care of unrelated donors (UDs) and related donors (RDs), particularly regarding medical suitability criteria, consenting procedures and donor follow ...
    Posted 13 Nov 2014, 01:18 by Eoin McGrath
  • Special Request for Public Comments: Evaluating One-Year Survival in FACT-JACIE Standards Survey concludedFACT and JACIE are finalizing the sixth edition of the FACT-JACIE International Standards for Hematopoietic Cellular Therapy Product Collection, Processing, and Administration. Based on public comments and ...
    Posted 11 Dec 2014, 01:16 by Eoin McGrath
  • Results of survey on incorporation of Quality Mangers to JACIE Inspection Teams. 14-11-2014 Summary of results now available here.Survey closed 10-10-14JACIE is evaluating a new role for Quality Managers as part of JACIE Inspection Teams. Currently ...
    Posted 13 Nov 2014, 01:20 by Eoin McGrath
  • September newsletter The September newsletter is now published. Click here.
    Posted 16 Sep 2014, 02:25 by Eoin McGrath
  • Changes to JACIE application fees for 2015 With effect from 1 January 2015, new application fees along with a discount scheme will be introduced.New FeesThe new fees are as follows:Registration fee: €3,500 (applied ...
    Posted 31 Jul 2014, 01:56 by Eoin McGrath
  • Key dates for 6th edition See the publication and implementation dates in 2015 for the 6th edition of the FACT-JACIE Standards. Centres that plan to apply for accreditation in 2014 or 2015 should pay ...
    Posted 21 Jul 2014, 06:11 by Eoin McGrath
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